Friday, January 25, 2013

We Are Muslims of The World~

Just want to share this awesome singers from middle east.

Please listen listen listen :p

When i share, u must listen 


Anyway, sneak peek to the lyrics ;

And we are the Muslims of the worldOur voices must be heard our voices speak the truthPeople of the world let's stop all abuse

TiTLe : 

We are the Muslims of the World, Yahya Bassal and the Harmony Band

You will hear different languages such as english, arabic, german, and turkey (perhaps, i'm not so sure)

Yeah, I know. The girls.

Nak komen pun macam tak berani.

Kalau tujuan untuk macam ni dan nyanyian yang tak menggoda, boleh ke?

Pakcik2 kat belakang dalam video tu pun looks not so happy je. Must be something, right?


Btw, I like this song. :)

I hope you do too.

Dengar sampai habis tau.

Peace yo!

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