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Calling Nicknames | Nouman Ali Khan | illustrated

Ibrah (Hikmah) yang kita dapat dari video ini;

Jangan sesuka meletakkan nama panggilan pada seseorang tu. Takut2 orang tu cakap tak kisah tapi in his/her heart, who knows right? Allah je tahu.Even, nama panggilan tu tak buruk pun tapi if tuan empunya badan tak suka, still no no.On the judgement day, if they desperate, they can take our good deed. (Herm. scary kan.)Becareful of our speech.How can you say any corrupt word for anyone who has imaan?If there any, there is something with our spiritual problem. Corrupt words are not allowed for muslims.and to those who don't want to give it up or repent, those are the wrongdoers.