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Before my bloggie turn idle

So I take this 33min as my vovo's batery had mentioned before vovo hibernating to update my blog.

Yeah. Me, mira and other matriculearners are super busy right now. With the over dose extra classes and pre-tests. Almost in 2 weeks, we'll take our final exams, PSPM. I'm in super frightened state right now because all the test are super hard. Or am I just not ready yet? 
Not to take this blame on myself. I hate blaming myself. Enough what I get until now. Whatever I get for my results, I try my very best not to blaming myself. I will said, "it's okay Sharina... hang on..I can do better than this.."

This life is so challenging. Always testing what's the real inside of me, imaan. But, always 'BERSANGKA BAIK DENGAN ALLAH'. As my along's said, " Allah itu terletak atas sangkaan kita. Kalau kita minta yang baik2, termakbul la. Kalau duk minta yang bukan2, makbul juga la." lebih kurang cenggitu la. sangkaan. lebih kurang de…