Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shasha Khalit

How can I forget the troubles we go through together?

Allah will preserve our friendship.

He knows what we've been going through.

All the cries and laughter.

Even our results no so good, but hey..look where are we now?



We got the same University.

We got the same college.

We got the same floor.

Only, we don't get the same room.

Too bad.

But, hey..all of this, this is was good enough.

Feels very different when we are not in the same path.

I wonder how you were in the class.

If you were sleeping, are there anyone wake u up or massage ur shoulder?

(Like we in the matrics)

No shaa... I'm not there to help you all the time anymore. 

But, I close to you if you need me..

I'll lend my ear to hear ur problems..

I'm so sorry if I being such a bad friends throughout this year :(

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