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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

World Of Phalaenopsis


Huuee...I'm happy to visit one of the established the phalaenopsis producer in Malaysia. Located at Ulu yam, almost 2 hours trip.

Tempatnya jauh ke dalam. Tidur bangun tidur bangun..tak sampai2 lagi, Ish ish ish haha. Btw, nama tempat tu adalah ' World of Phalaenopsis '. Company dia : waltex biotec - click to the website. website dia updated gak hehe.

And this is the chairman ;

To do something like he did..he said ..the most importantly you need 'passion, patience and interest'. Passion ni lah yang akan bagi kita minat untuk terus berusaha dalam apa yang kita minati. Akan bagi kita semangat sebab passion tu. Patience sebab yeah..orchid takes a longggg time to grow. The seedling itself takes about 2 to 3 months to grow then we can transfer it to 2 inches pot..The seedlings only need twice of watering in a month. I kind a heard but I'm not sure what the thing really is that...@#%6 just watering only once in twelve years o.0 yikes. i just missed the important point there. So, i don't know which size of orchid that only need that kind of watering system. So cool hahah.

Then, of course... to have rapid quantity of orchids..he use tissue culture method. We go there and the system also awesome. How they manipulate the temperature and rate of light in the lab. And how everything is in order.

Some of the tissue culture yang dia letak kat luar.
of course, they owned a lab for the tissue culturing.

And yeah...the most favorite part is that the cold room~ they got like 5 or 6 cold room ...i guess..hehe
 was cool inside because the phalaenopsis need very low temperature to spike (give out flower) . The flowers are in huge size. I loike!haha...yet colorful.. we're chilling inside of the cold room despite the hotness of the afternoon. 

tadaaa hikhik :p nursery trip for the whole class...having a blast~ ^_^

erm, sorry for the grammar usage ^^,''

p/s : makan tengahari dapat makan tempoyak, rasa dia perfect..dengan pedasnya...kedurianan nyee haha..marvellous.. cafe serumpun, why don't u guys make tempoyak? pehlisss...hehehe...

K, toodles~

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