Saturday, March 17, 2012

english writers

Any to update?

i don't know.

But, one thing for sure. Aku kagum baca blog orang yang tulis english fully. Flow ayat dia pun sedap.

First, aku suka baca blog lindonut.blogspot . Blog dia ni la dulu-dulu aku cari information about TESL. Then, aku kan tak dapat :| tapi aku setia menjenguk to know life amik Tesl ni kan. Dia ada post poem sonnet shakespeare which she related to her post very well. Arh, I hate making grammar mistakes but i don't know where are the wrong ones. Usually i stop writing in english for a while. But after reading all this amazing english users, it making me, "wow...i want to post like this as well!"

Nothing is wrong when in malay. Just the interest of typing in english is naturally develop in myself. Same like when I'm a kid, i pretend to talk in English by myself and the real situation is what-the-heck-is-my-mumbling-about. Funny. I used to do that. :)

heh. macam poyo lak kan. yes. aku kan poyo haha.

Bukan ke, poyo = cantik ~

seperti mana korang katakan dolu-dolu ngeh ngeh ngeh ;P

ok. babai.

haih. laparnya. korang makan apa harini? :D

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